CBSE Class 12 Air-conditioning and Refrigeration-III Papers


Paper of Air-conditioning and refrigeration is a new paper and students who wanted to have depth knowledge in electric engineering should opt for this subject. Students also get to have a practical knowledge in the subject which is applicable and has some physical application. Students of Science background can only opt for the subject.

Importance of the paper:

This paper has its own importance as it is a practical subject and students will learn some of the basic part in refrigeration techniques and will have depth knowledge. In future studies it is also helpful. Many companies are recruiting those students who have depth knowledge in this field.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration-III contains 8 questions in it and each question is of long answer type. Students have to attempt only 5 questions from the paper. You can find sub-parts in almost all the questions which have been done for the benefit of the students, so that they can answer part wise and get maximum marks.

Questions asked in the paper:

Questions asked in the paper are such as location of a condenser in a refrigeration system, Defrosting of a refrigeration system, sensible load of heat and latent heat load, heat load sources, Description of air washer, Draw the layout of an ice plant, advantages of vapour absorption system, Define bypass factor, the sensible cooling process in sensible cooling apparatus, Comparison of water – cooled condenser and an air – cooled condenser along with their differentiation, working of a high pressure float calve with a neat drawing of the apparatus, comparison of a dry and a flooded type evaporator, properties desired in insulating materials etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which can be awarded in the paper is 40, which you have to write in 3 hours.

Recommended Books:

  • Air-conditioning and Refrigeration by NCERT
  • Electronic Circuits by Pradeep
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