Corporate Training Services offered by British Council


British Council provides various services in the field of training. This includes Customised Business English courses, Professional Training Workshops, Corporate Consultancy, Train-the-trainer programme and Voice training. All these services are customised to the corporate needs.

Customised Business English courses

Business English course is designed to meet the specific requirements for each organisation. Training is carried out to help the participants through step by step improvement and continuous development. The duration of the course is 2 months. Two hours sessions are held twice a week. Minimum 20 participants are required. The course structure includes

  • In-depth analysis
  • Focus-group which will include the manager and participant
  • Placement testing
  • Report on the participants performance during the course and steps for further development

Professional Training Workshops

This workshop is specially designed for entry-level and middle level executives. Through this workshop British Council aims to improve the skill sets of the participants in soft skills and communication. Workshops are normally held for one or two days. The workshop is conducted in group of 20 participants and is suitable for any workplace. Workshop is conducted in the following areas

  • Presentation Skills
  • Telephone Skills
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Power Writing
  • Report & Proposal Writing
  • Teamwork
  • Grammar for Business
  • Speaking Clearly
  • Business Communication
  • Managing Meetings
  • International English
  • Intercultural Communication

Corporate consultancy

Through this service British council aims to help the organisation in recruiting, providing in house training and reviews sessions. Specialised packages are offered based on the organisational needs. It mainly caters to the requirements in BPO and KPO sectors. The consultant working with the organisation first identifies the quality of work force needed in each of the departments. Based on these provides assistant in the recruitment process and thereafter trains the candidates as per the requirement. The consultant will also conduct review sessions once these candidates are on the job. The key services provided are

  • Role Profiling
  • Custom –built services and products
  • Regular visits, audits

Train the Trainer Programme

Train the Trainer programme as the name suggests focuses on improving the skill sets of the in-house trainers. The trainers are trained on ways to impart quality training and also get the best from their trainees. Interactive type sessions are held and the trainers are encouraged prepare their sessions. New training methodologies are discussed in this programme.

Voice Testing

British Council provides voice testing services. Through this the current English skills of the employees are tested. It can be used even in the recruitment process. The testing is done using Council of Europe’s Common European Framework. This is a cost effective solution and companies can use the same to evaluate the employee’s English competency with a short time frame. The results are provided within 24 hours. 15 minutes one-to-one telephone interviews are conducted as part of the test.

For all these services the consultants will discuss in detail the requirement of company and offer the best solution. Detailed report of all the participants are provided at the end of all the programmes.



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