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The Indian Space Research Organisation is one of the most reputed institutes in India which conducts the majority of the space related researches of the various space programmes of the country. As the responsibility is huge so the various courses offered at the institute demand a rigorous regime of studies. As a result of which the questions asked in the question paper of the Computer Science out here in particular are very exhaustive.

Importance of the paper

The various areas of the research are now being governed by the computers. For a long time now computers have been used to store the work related data but now many of the research is also carried out using the computers. Thus, there is a need of not just the various software for the computers but also the knowledge of the various parts of the computer. Thus the question paper focuses on all the aspects of the subject in quite detail.


The whole Computer Science question papers consist of the objective type questions only.

Paper pattern

The various objective type questions are asked in the question paper. There are in all about 80 questions that are asked. These objective questions have four choices. The candidate is expected to choose one of these four options which they might seem to think is the right answer to the question.

Areas to be emphasized

The Areas to be emphasized upon are full form of UTP (in networking), Mac Address, VLAN, Advanced Encryption Standard, Round Robin Algorithm, prefix, postfix and infix expression, Binary tree, Newton’s Interpolation Formula, Normal distribution, Binomial Distribution, Poisson Distribution, database, software engineering, LAN, 8085 microprocessor, Dynamic Address translation, thrashing etc.

Recommended books

  • Probabilistic reasoning in Intelligent Systems: Network of Plausible Inference by Judea Pearl
  • Artificial Intelligence : A Modern Approach by Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norvig
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