Kuvempu University M.Sc (Previous) Applied Chemistry-Organic Chemistry Papers


The Kuvempu University is one of the most popular institutes in the region. It conducts examinations for almost all the regular courses at no the graduation level as well as the masters. Chemistry is one of the three most fundamental subjects of science. It has many disciplines within. One of the most sought after courses in chemistry is applied chemistry.

Importance of the paper

Applied chemistry as a subject for the master course is of prime importance. Since, it has a lot of scope for employment in the various industries so it is given a lot of importance. In the various industries there are a number of chemicals that are employed and a large number of these chemicals are the organic chemicals. The candidates are expected not just to have a sound knowledge of the various organic chemicals but at the same time the basic principles of the various reaction mechanisms and the various factors affecting them.


The whole paper is of 85 marks and not all the questions are of equal weightage.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of the three parts. In the first part one is supposed to answer any of the eleven questions from a total of fifteen questions which are the sub parts of the first question. In the second part one needs to answer any three of the 5 questions given there in. Finally in the last section one needs to answer 3 questions again out of the 5 questions given.


There are no negative marks awarded. The figures mentioned on the right hand side indicate the marks allotted for each question.

Some questions from the question paper

Some questions are non classical carbocations, enantiomers and the diastereomers, optical isomer for lactic acid, inductive effect, Anomeric effect, structures of isoxazole, oxazole, pyrazole and imidazole, Friedel-Crafts Alkylation, Saytzeff-Hofmann rules in elimination reactions, Huckel’s rule of aromaticity, structure of maltose, Hudson’s rule, primary and secondary structure of protein, Toluene, Nitrobenzene, carbenes, mechanism of E1 reaction, Hofmann Degradation reaction, optical isomerism in tartaric acid etc.

Time allotted

A total of three hours is allotted to complete the paper which is sufficient provide one knows all the answers.

Recommended books

  • The logic of chemical synthesis written by Elias James Corey and Xue Min Cheng;
  • Protective groups in organic synthesis written by Theodora W. Greene and Peter G.M.Wuts
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