Reference Books for Ganpat University M.Phil (Management) Entrance Test


Syllabus for M.Phil (Management) entrance test in Ganpat University comprises questions from topics such as human resource management, operations research, and ethics and management. Reference books like Managerial Economics by Mittal A, Organizational Behavior by Udai Pareek, Marketing Management by Arun Kumar and Meenakshi, and Management of Business Ethics by Sidney C. Sufrin can be used for studies.

Syllabus (in brief) for Ganpat University M.Phil (Management) Entrance Test

  • Managerial Economics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Research
  • Ethics and Management

Books for Managerial Economics

  • Macro Economics, Theory and Applications by G.S.Gupa
  • Macro Economics: Theory and Applications by Dwivedi, D.N
  • Managerial Economics by Attmanad
  • Managerial Economics by Dean, Joel
  • Managerial Economics by DN Dwidvedi
  • Managerial Economics by Mehta, P.L
  • Managerial Economics by Mittal A
  • Managerial Economics, Theory and Applications by Mithani, D.M
  • Managerial Economics, Theory and Applications by Trivedi M.L
  • Managerial Economics: An Integrative Approach by Mark Hirschey

Books for Organizational Behavior

  • Introduction to Organizational Behavior by Moorhead & Griffin
  • Management Process and Organizational Behavior by Karam Pal
  • Organizational Behavior by Arun Kumar and Meenakshi
  • Organizational Behavior by Aswathappa K
  • Organizational Behavior by Fred Luthans
  • Organizational Behavior by Neeraj Kumar
  • Organizational Behavior by RK.Suri
  • Organizational Behavior by Udai Pareek

Books for Human Resource Management

  • Essentials of Human Resource Management by P.S Rao
  • Human Resource Management by Biswajeet Pattnayak
  • Human Resource Management by Cynthia D. Fisher & Lyle F. Schoenfeld
  • Human Resource Management by DK Tripathi
  • Human Resource Management by Dwivedi & Agarwal
  • Human Resource Management by Jyothi
  • Human Resource Management by N.K.Singh
  • Managing Human Resource by Fisher
  • Personnel / Human Resource Management by Venkata Raman C.S., and Srivastiva BK

Books for Financial Management

  • Financial Institution by Edminister R.D
  • Financial Institutions and Market by Bhole & Mahakud
  • Financial Institutions and Markets by Meir Khan
  • Financial Markets & Financial Services by Vasanth Desai
  • Financial Markets & Institutions by Madura
  • Financial Markets and Services by Punithavathy Pandian
  • Indian Financial System by DK Murthy, and Venugopal
  • Marketing of Financial Services by V.A.Avadhani

Books for Marketing Management

  • Fundamentals of Marketing by William J Stanton
  • Marketing by Joel R.Evans & Barry Berman
  • Marketing Management by Arun Kumar and Meenakshi
  • Marketing Management by Kotler,Keller,Koshy & Jha
  • Marketing Management by Zinkota & Kotabe
  • Marketing Management: Planning, Implementation & Control by Pride and Ferrell

Books for Operations Research

  • Operation Research – Theory and Applications by JK Sharma
  • Operation Research Techniques for Management by V.K.Kapoor
  • Operations Research by Anand Sharma
  • Operations Research by Kalavarthy, S
  • Operations Research by Winston
  • Principles of Operations Research for Management by Mcleavey & Mojena

Books for Ethics and Management

  • Management of Business Ethics by Sidney C. Sufrin
  • Managing Business Ethics by Linda K. Trevino, ‎Katherine A. Nelson
  • Perspectives in Business Ethics by Laura P Hartman, A Chatterjee

Master degree holders in Management can look for admission to M.Phil (Management) course. Books studied under MBA degree can be used for studies.



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