University of Kashmir - Faculty of Biological Science -M.Sc in Biochemistry Papers


M. Sc in biochemistry paper of University of Kashmir typically includes thermodynamics, physical constants, acid-base equillibria, isomerism, spectroscopy, photosynthesis, ecology and environmental conservation, toxicity of metals and radio isotopes, principles of microbiology and different organisms, biomolecules, mutations, genetic code, protein synthesis and regulation, history and significance of developmental biology, formed elements of blood and different vital systems, immunology, nutrition, liver enzymes, carbohydrate and protein metabolism etc.

Question Paper Pattern

It consists of 60 multiple choice questions objective type. All of them should be answered where each question carries one mark. However, for every wrong answer, 1/4th mark will be deducted from the final score. The result of the qualifying exam will have a share of 40% and the rest being the result of the entrance exam. OMR sheet will be provided in which the correct option needs to be darkened.

Key areas

Questions may appear from the fore-mentioned topics. Equal distribution will be given and hence broad spectrum of questions can be expected. Out of which, enzyme kinetics, vitamins, diseases, problems on ATP and NADH in carbohydrate metabolism, pH calculations, ionic strength and reasoning type questions on boiling point and ionic size, enzymes, cell cycle, hormones are vital areas to be punctuated.

Time allotted and Maximum marks

The duration of the exam is 2 hours and the maximum marks are 60.


It is better to begin with the small questions. Attempt the question only if you are 100% confident about the answer. Don’t fall in the trap of multiple options and guess work. Take care while darkening the circle in the OMR sheet. Only oneoption should be darkened.


1. Harper’s Illustrated biochemistry

2. Lehninger’s Principles of Biochemistry

3. Lansing M. Prescott , Microbiology

4. Physical chemistry by Jain

5. Ross and Wilson, Human anatomy and physiology

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