University of Kashmir-Faculty of Biological Science Test- Botany Papers


University of Kashmir-Faculty of Biological Science Test- Botany Papers are presented to the candidates who wish to pursue higher studies in the above said subject. It is a very easy paper if one goes through the prescribed syllabus of the university thoroughly. Botany is the science related to the study of the plants and their different systems. It is a really interesting subject and one of the most primitive ones.

Importance of the paper

The study of science has been pursued by the humankind for centuries now. It is one of the most extensively researched subjects. Every years still the scientist are trying to find things in the nature. The scope is expectedly high in this field. Every year more and more students pursue the subject. The fact still remains that the earth has so many mysteries yet that are unsolved and we as inquisitive minds want to solve them. Thus the paper deals with mainly provoking these questions in our minds as to how far exactly can we go in the pursuit of knowledge.


In entrance exams the trend is to set questions with some options (only one correct answer). This paper is no different. It contains 60 such questions.

Paper pattern

The paper covers most of the general plants and their anatomy and physiology. The paper might seem relatively easy for anyone who has a clear understanding of the basic plant anatomy and physiology.


In most of the entrance exams, equal weightage is given to every question with some negative marking for incorrect attempt. Same you can see over here.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions that most frequently feature in the question paper are

The position of heterocyst in Nostoc is:  Intercalary/ Terminal/ Lateral/ None of the these?

The sexual reproduction in Phytophthora is:  Isogamous/ Oogamous/ Anisogamous/ All of these?

Time allotted

Generally 2 hours is given.

Recommended books

The most popular books are Introduction to plant science by L.E.Graham, J.M.Graham, L.W.Wilcox and Plant and civilization by Levetin and McMohan.

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