University of Pune-B.Tech 1st Semester-Engineering Graphics-I Papers


Paper of Graphics is a compulsory subject for each department. But mainly, mechanical engineering students will require the subjects in future. Students learn the basic concepts of drawing in the paper and they learn the basic construction of different structures.

Importance of the paper:

Paper of graphics is a main step to get acknowledge with the structure, inside parts, and different joints of 3D structure. This is a practical paper and students will get lots of interest in the paper as it has lots of practical application.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Engineering Graphics-I consists of 12 questions in it. These questions have been differentiated in two different groups and each one has same no. of questions. Two questions in the same group are of equal marks. Each question in different groups is with internal choices or alternatives in it. The answers are to be written in different sections.

Questions asked in the paper:

Questions which often comes in this paper  are related to topics such as crowning, tracheid, caulking, geometric shapes of various kinds, forming, vertical plane, different Castle nut views,  horizontal plane, square prism, object’s sectional views, hexagonal pyramid, Front view, involutes, how to draw a diagonal scale, how to draw top view of any machine part,  systems recommended for dimension placing, Universal Coupling details and Hypocycloid, machine components drawings, and scaling of the size of drawings along with various kinds of views, grooving etc.

Marks and time:

The time duration given to answer the paper is 3 hours only, and in those three answers, candidates can answer questions worthy of 100 marks.

Recommended Books:

Engineering Graphics-I by P K Nag

Engineering Graphics-I by TMH

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