Advertisement course as a significant tool for influencing the thought of the mass


The advertising course is developed to give an insight into various aspects of advertising. It is designed to make the participants understand the role of advertising in a free economy. Advertising course deals with various aspects such as appeal of the advertisement, product research, market research, choosing proper media for advertising, and evaluating the effectiveness of advertising.

The advertising course

The course gives a deeper understanding of the theoretical foundations and the process of creating advertising and promotional strategy, and different ways of using the research data for developing and evaluating advertising strategy. It helps the participants in learning the visual communication theory and methodology, principles of design and various production processes. The course also deals with topics such as advertising research, advertising sales, copy writing and visualization, advanced copywriting, advertising graphics and production, media planning, international advertising, direct response advertising and sales promotion writing, retail advertising, advertising campaigns etc.

The objective of advertising

The main objective of any advertiser is to create a positive attitude in the minds of the consumer towards the product that will finally result in a favorable action form the part of the customer, which is buying a product or availing a service. So advertising creates a favorable impact on attitude of the consumer, which in turn influences the buying behavior of the consumer.

Advertising is a paid form of non personal communication which is directed towards a large audience. It is usually developed to communicate in a creative manner, with the help of mass media. It is persuasive in nature which helps in communicating with consumers about products or services or ideas. The advertiser wants the consumer to behave in a manner which they want after viewing an advertisement.

They key functions of advertising are identification, information, and persuasion. The identification function identifies the product or service and differentiates the same from other products or services. The information function informs the consumers about the product, its features, the point of sale etc. The persuasion function persuades the consumers to try a new product and to make repeated purchases.

In order to grab the attention of the consumers, advertisers select the best advertising media based on the usage of the media by the consumers. The advertisers then advertise the content at a repeated interval to grab attention. Repetition is performed to make sure that the consumer never misses the advertisement by any chance.



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