Difference between Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery


Both Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery are the processes which involves the reconstructive surgery. Even though the two surgical methods deal in the same field, there are lots of dissimilarities between them. Plastic surgery is that specialty in medicine which is concerned with the alteration or restoration of form and functions mostly related to aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery can be said as the subfield of plastic surgery and it involves the restoration process of any body parts.  

Plastic Surgery Course and Career Opportunity

Plastic surgery is also called the reconstructive surgery. This surgical process involves the fixing or restoration of any body part or facial feature that is abnormal. By this process the abnormal parts of human body can be reconstructed to look normal. Usually this surgery is done for the patients who suffer malformation of their body parts. While some others opt for this surgery due to the health complications caused by any abnormality in their body part. Some of the surgeries that come under this section are repairing cleft lip, broken nose or any other birth defects, etc. The medical professionals who carry out this surgery are called plastic surgeons. These graduates usually need rigorous training in this field of surgery, since their jobs are very risky. Those who have completed a medical graduation from any reputed medical institution and a residency programme in plastic surgery can become plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic Surgery Course and Career Opportunity

Cosmetic surgery is also that medical specialization which involves the restructuring of any defective body parts. It is different from plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is done in a normal body structure and to develop it to make look better according to the patients’ will. This surgery is not necessary for changing deformity in human body and not related to any health issue. In most cases, it is simply the surgery done to make the person more attractive than before according to their wish. The various cosmetic surgeries are anti-aging procedures like tummy tucks, facelifts, hair replacement treatments, etc. The surgeons specializing in this area are called cosmetic surgeons. The candidates who have completed the doctor of medicine in surgery form any reputed medical school and residency training in cosmetic surgery can become a successful cosmetic surgeon. There is a great demand for these cosmetic surgeons at the present scenario.

Key differentiators between Plastic surgery and Cosmetic surgery

Plastic surgery is that medical specialty which involves the restoring of any human body parts which are affected due to any health issues or deformity whereas cosmetic surgery involves the reconstruction of any normal body parts to make it more attractive according to the patients wish.

Plastic surgery is done in the patients with abnormal or malformation of body parts whereas cosmetic surgery is done in the normal body structure to make it more attractive.

Although plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are the procedures done for the same reconstructive purpose, they are significant differences between them.



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    What specialist is a person called who does laser, botox, liposuction treatments, nose, lip surgeries, facelifting, chemical peels, etc.