Role of Tele-Communication course in modernization


The existence of networking in the society itself is based or dependent on the telecommunication sector. With the advent of new and modern technologies every day in this sector, the need for qualified professionals in this area is increasing. The Telecommunication sector has brought about a lot of important changes which has lead to the modernization of the society on a whole.

Courses Outlook

There are many reputed institutes which offer regular as well as online programs in the area of tele communication. There are various graduate and post graduate programs in the telecommunication stream. The course is designed to help the individuals gain the basic knowledge with regard to the telecommunication sector and also give in training and specialized knowledge in operating the various telecommunication systems.

Although this course provides the students the practical and theoretical knowledge in telecommunication programs, only the practical exposure will help in giving them the maximum benefits in this field. The course structure is developed taking into consideration the latest technological advancements in this field. The candidates who take in this course can get in to the position of Telecom engineers. Following are some of the important technical subject areas which are covered in the course of Tele communication –

  • Communication Skills
  • Computer and Communication Hardware
  • Computer Programming
  • Developing Circuits
  • Electronic Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Software
  • Understanding Signals

Career Opportunities

This is a course which has brought in immense changes in the society. The career opportunities offered by this course is increasing. There are various organizations in the government sector as well as the private sector where the qualified candidates in this area can work. As already mentioned there are various technological advancements that are being introduced in this area which has helped in bringing more career avenues. Some of the various job profiles where in the candidates specialized in this field can enter are –

  • Telecom Consultants
  • Project Designer
  • Communication Engineer
  • Network Supervisor
  • Data Transfer Manager
  • Technical Assistant or Advisor
  • Transmitter Engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Telecom Administrator
  • Telecom Engineer

Impact of this course in Modernization

This course has helped in transforming the very nature and extent of communication between the people on a whole. The speed by which the communication has been achieved has helped in creating different concepts within the society which leads to the new trends in the society. This course on a whole is enabling a positive growth within the society. The combined efforts of the people along with the development in the field of communication engineering have led to a strong platform for modernization in the society.



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    i want to join merchant navy . i am in final year of btech electronics & comm. engg. i want to join navy as technical officer. please send reply how can i achieve it.