Cosmetic Surgeon - How to become a Cosmetic Surgeon?


The scope for the medical physicians in the surgery field is increasing nowadays. Cosmetic surgery is also a surgical procedure in medicine field that aims on enhancing the physical appearance of a person. It is done through various surgical and medical techniques and can be performed on any parts of the body.

Cosmetic surgery is an extremely wide field. Through this surgical procedure, a patient can regain his/her appearance of body parts that is damaged due to some burn or physical abnormalities. The surgery may be a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure depending on the patients’ condition.

A physician working in this field is known as a cosmetic surgeon. Cosmetic surgeons understand the problems of the patients about their deformities in body and help them to restructure the deformities according to the patients’ will. This is done through the cosmetic surgical procedures. These surgeons need good training and should have deep knowledge in this field.

Qualifying Exam

To become a surgeon in this field one should complete a four years undergraduate degree in related medicine subjects first. Candidates should concentrate in the science and mathematics subjects. They can take subjects like biology, physics and other science subjects during their +2 level. During their graduation they will have to study subjects like anatomy, microbiology, physiology, etc.

After the successful completion of this they have to undergo a residency programme of three year duration. Once they have completed this specialized residency programme and they have taken a specialization in cosmetic surgery they can apply for the National Board examinations to pursue a license, after which they can practice as a cosmetic surgeon.

Who is eligible to apply?

Aspirants who have completed the higher secondary examinations with PCB from any reputed school can apply for the undergraduate programme in the medicine. The admission to various medical colleges will be based on the entrance examination carried out at National or State level.

Key points in the process

  • Study 12th with biology as major and try to get good academic scores. Concentrate in Biology, Physics and Mathematics at this level.
  • Find the medical school which offers a graduation in medicine and join there.
  • Undergo a residency programme of three years duration. At this stage they will be trained as a surgeon.
  • Specialize in the residency programme which offers training in cosmetic surgery.
  • Take part in the National board examination to pursue a license for practicing as a cosmetic surgeon.

Skills required for a Cosmetic Surgeon

The cosmetic surgeons need outstanding skills to perform well in this field. Since they are performing a high risk job, they must have a deep knowledge in the related field. In addition to this they should have an understanding mind, patience and dedication for work.



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