Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics


The degree of Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics is for the students who are interested in Development Economics. This course prepares the students for a professional career in Development Economics. Development Economics is the branch of science that primarily deals with the study of distribution, consumption and production of goods and services too. It decodes the system of demand and supply. The knowledge of this subject is very essential in every walk of life whether it is political, economical or social.

Eligibility for the course:

Like all graduation degrees, the minimum requirement for pursuing the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Development Economics is Higher Secondary. The cut off marks required by different institutions is different. One must check out the requirement of each institution.

Duration of the course:

This is a graduation degree and like any other graduation degree, its duration is two to three years. The duration time also varies in different universities.

Option for higher studies after commencement of the course:

After the completion of B A in Development Economics, the student can widen his scope of employment options by studying for a Masters degree in the said subject. A further PhD in the said subject will yield a doctorate degree.

Job prospects after completion of the course:

The advancement in economical liberalization has made many jobs crop up for an economics graduate. The student can hope to work in non-profit organizations, education, government and business sector. They can also look forward to jobs in organizations that are attached to data collection and management consultancy firms. They have the opportunity to work in planning commission as well. They can work under the designation of economist, economic advisor, economic analyst, finance economist and econometrician.

Universities offering BA in Development Economics:

Kuvempu University
Annamalai University
University of Calcutta
University of Rajasthan
Kannur University



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    What is the difference between bachelor of arts in economics and bachelor of arts in development economics and what is better?