BA Political Science or BA Economics - Which course is better?


The key points regarding both the courses is mentioned below:

BA Political Science

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science is a graduation course which basically deals with politics. It also includes learning in public administration and law. This is a three year course to enhance the skills and ability of the students to adapt with any situation in the changing world. BA political science course includes subjects such as Law, English Communication, and Mathematics and so on. Students can apply for this course after their higher secondary. The career opportunity of BA Political science is ample. A graduate in BA Political Science can get job opportunities as:

  • Journalist
  • Military officer
  • Political Scientist
  • Public relation officer

There are many institutions and universities which provides BA Politics as a course. Some among the top universities are University of Delhi, University of Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi University, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University.

BA Economics

BA Economics is also a Bachelor degree. It is basically a commerce related subject and is known as an extension of finance. The core subject of the course is the economics theories and principles. Learning the international scenario of economic development and the various outcomes of these developments is the objective of this course. The students have to handle management, politics as well as law related subjects in the three year course. BA Economics also provides immense career opportunities in various sectors.  Some of them are:

Finance sector

  • Commerce sector and
  • Banking sector

The students can also apply for various posts in the Indian Administrative Service. All over India, almost every university offers BA economics as a professional course. Some of the best are Delhi College of Arts and Science; Delhi University, Calicut University, Bangalore University and Punjab University.

Key difference between BA Political Science and BA Economics

The two courses are very different, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science on the whole deals with different subjects which would improve the students knowledge in politics. Students from this background assess the past trends and think analytically. This course mainly focuses on public relations. Whereas BA Economics is entirely different from BA Political Science. The students of BA Economics study about demand, supply, inflation and GDP of the country. Learning the economic factors that affect the economy is the main objective of this subject.

Which course is better?

It is quite difficult to comment on which course is better among BA Political Science and BA Economics. Both the courses have its own advantages. Comparatively it can be said that BA Economics has a wider scope than BA political science as it deals with three major streams; commerce, finance and banking sector. More over after BA Economics the students can also opt for post graduation courses in commerce and finance. So career wise; BA Economics is better, but BA Political Science is also very good course with immense opportunities all around the world.



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    Mrinal Das:

    Please Give the list of colleges where B.A in political science course is available in Hooghly, Kolkata..