Bangalore University, M.Com., Commerce Paper 1.2, Monetary System Papers


The paper on Monetary System is coded as Paper 1.2 and is an important part of the commerce papers in the degree of masters in Commerce from the well known University of Bangalore. The paper comes only in one language, and that is English and is a subjective based paper.

Paper pattern:

In total, there are 3 sections in the paper, and you should follow the instructions of each section accordingly. The first section, A has two marks questions which you should be answering in about three to four lines and that you would have to do for 10 questions out of 11 questions or possibly 12. Section B has five marks questions and you would need to answer any three out of the five questions given. Lastly section C has elaborate questions carrying fifteen marks each and same as section B you would need to answer any three from the five given question.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

If you have read paper pattern carefully and properly, by now you would have already done the calculation for the maximum marks. If you have not or if you were very much into reading and you missed it, this paper in total carries 80 marks and for these eighty marks, you would be given a total of 3 hours.

Frequently asked questions:

Some of the frequently asked questions from the Monetary System coded as Paper 1.2   are concepts of money and the definition, index number and related questions, meaning of terms like proportional reserve system, various components of BOP, definition of Euro currency etc. Other important question are critical evaluation of the  Irwing Fisher’s Quantity theory of money, statement of the failures of the Bretton woods system ,role and function of the IMF in international Monetary System etc. besides, you would also find questions on topics like SDR, circular flow of money, foreign capital flows, cash transaction approach etc.

Recommended Books:

The International monetary system and its reform: Volume 4
The European Monetary System: Recent Developments

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