B.Sc in Medical Lab Training, Specification in microbiology


The medical laboratory trainee is expected to work directly under the supervision of the medical technologists, or physicians or pathologists. Mostly the course prepares the candidates in such a manner that prepare the candidates for an emergency situation in the outer world. The main duties of a medical lab training that have undertaken the specification in microbiology include preparing specimen for examination at the micro-bio level and performing various clinically based tests of the blood specimen at the microbiology.


The candidates that want to undertake the medical lad training course have to attain a minimum of 60% from any recognized boards both at the 10 and 10+2 level. The following board provides additional certification to Clinical Laboratory Technologists and Technicians American Medical Technologists, Board of Registry of the American Association of Bio-analysts, Board of Registry of the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the National Credentialing Agency for Laboratory Personnel.

Courses outlook:

The course of medical lab training at the bachelor level program under the specification in microbiology is three years in duration. However in some of the Universities, this particular combination of course is available in two year duration.

Job Prospects:

The candidates that have undertaken the course of are recruited in some of the best laboratories as a medical technician. The candidates can also apply for various hospitals as well as nursing homes where they can practice up various norms as well as theory that are generated in the micro-biology level.

Best Places to Pursue:

Bharathiar University

Kalyani University

Hindu University

Banaras University



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    Pradeep Mirchandani:

    hi.my name is pradeep…..and i want to know that after b.sc which companies are job opportunity……….

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    Man Biggie:

    where could I pursue forensic laboratory study ? I am Higher National Diploma science laboratory technologist

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    can a bsc graduate with zoology or chemistry aply for clinical research and medical lab technologies.rply soon.

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    Dr. Falah Salim Manhal:

    I’m Dr. Falah Salim Manhal, PhD Medical Microbiology. I would like to know if you can please answer my request regarding a training course in your setting. The Iraqi Government allows any Iraqi college instructor to participate in a training course in a developed country for promotion in his/ her specialty. This allowance will be funded by The Iraqi Government for a period of training lasting for 1-3 months. Can you please help me to get your agreement for this purpose? I’m waiting your answer in my e-mail cited below, with my best regards.

    Dr. Falah Salim Manhal
    College of Health & Medical Technologies, Baghdad, Iraq
    E-mail: [email protected]

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    shreeja tarmolia:

    i have completed bsc microbiology and i want admission in msc microbiology.

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    i want to know about post graduate degree program in science which a bsc graduate with botany chemistry zoology can aply for.thanking you