B.Sc In Medical microbiology


B.Sc in medical biology is a course that is starting to get popular these days. This is a course that is a based on a lot of chemistry and biology. The course find s a lot of application in health care field as it mainly relates to the study of various microorganisms specially viruses. This is a course that does a lot in moulding students who will be capable of finding cure for new diseases and is hence has a role to play in the pharmaceutical field.

Criteria for gaining admission

To get an admission for B.sc in microbiology, you are required to pass 10+2 or any equivalent course with a minimum of 50% marks. You should have studied chemistry, physics and biology at the high school level till 12th standard. You need to secure a minimum of 50% for the above subjects.

Scope of the course

The course is of three years duration and has a lot of scope in the modern world where diseases are prevalent. There is a demand for microbiologist in medical field and fields that are not related to medicine. They graduates can easily seek jobs in pathology labs pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. They also have the option of pursuing a course for specialising in a particular field. They can also get involved in research activities.

Places to pursue the course

There are numerous universities offering the course but the following universities are the best:

•    Saii College of medical science and technology
•    New Delhi H.O.Lady Irwin College
•    Malka GanjUniversity of Delhi

Pattern of the course

The course consists of six semester and the portions are divided evenly among the semesters. The subjects that you will have to study are:

Semester 1

•    General microbiology
•    Microbial physiology

Semester 2

•    Microbial biochemistry
•    Environmental microbiology

Semester 3

•    Microbial genetics
•    Immunology

Semester 4

•    Bioinformatics and Biostatistics
•    Medical microbiology

Semester 5

•    Industrial microbiology
•    Analytical microbiology

Semester 6

•    Applied microbiology
•    Molecular biology and Genetic engineering



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