B.Sc. in Medical Lab Training in Microbiology and industries associated with it


Microbiology, in simple words, is the study of microscopic organisms which create, inhabit and also contaminate food material. The spoilage part is of more importance. Some of the key aspects of microbiology studies are:

Food safety


Foodborne pathogens and so on.

Medical lab training in microbiology provides with the practical guidance, knowledge and expertise required in this field of biology. Technological practice’s importance in this field, in today’s date, is equivalent or more important than theoretical studies. B.Sc. in medical lab training in microbiology is a graduate level course which stresses primarily and mainly on practical guidance and knowledge in the field of microbiology.

The concept of microbiology is associated with different types and forms of industries. Some of the close associations are:

Microbiology and food industry: various forms of bacteria and other microorganisms are helpful in the preservation of food components such as yeast, bread, yoghurt etc.

Industrial microbiology and medicine: over the past few years, microbes have been developed which are used in the production of various kinds of drugs.

Industrial microbiology and Economics: the microbiology industry has grown by leaps and bounds and is a very important player in contributing to the economies around the globe.

These are the primary industries closely linked up with the discipline of microbiology, but there are many more too. The scope of microbiology, in the coming years, is only expected to grow with passing time in the positive direction as its importance is growingly felt in many an industry.



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