Budding Engineers- How can you set yourself?


What is after plus two??? It is a common question among the students as well as their parents. A lot of career guidance and counseling centers are built their business in this confusion. The students and parents are exposed to lots of courses as well as advices. But still the problem is not solved. In fact the real answer is inside every student. It is true that now you find a little difficulty in understanding the answer, but you can have. You need to check yourself. What is your dream? What are your strong areas? Doing what makes you happy? The question seems to be crazy, but it means your career. If you are really enjoying dancing rather than doing any physics experiment, go with your choice.

Engineering Education

If somebody is good in helping their friends to understand subjects or even topic better than your teacher, believe the fact that you have a radiant career in teaching. Look this is simple; this is the decision you have to take. Obviously you have to convince a lot of questions and to prove you are right. This need a little bravery and you have to be determined. But it is the best option rather than going for somebody’s dream, you have to be possessive in your studies.

Now we are going to discuss about the budding engineers. Here you made a decision and you know that you want to do this, only for yourself. You are talented in engineering field or at least you actually want to learn this. Now also there are lots of choices to be made. Which college, stream and How to study? What are the placement opportunities and what are the options after the course? These are some question that may arise in the mind of engineering aspirants. Here we can look into some of the issues that help develop the Engineering talents in these future Engineers.

Teaching and Learning Process

When you are going for engineering courses you need to have a mindset that the entire teaching process is going to be different from what you have experienced so far. You need to be more careful and have a methodological approach in learning. The difference is when you are asked to draw a picture in school, you do a simple one. But when it comes to engineering you have to show the professionalism. You should have some measures and precision which is an important thing you must always take care of. And one thing of sure you have to learn to love mathematics, there is no compromise.

Learning Process

Learning Process

The students should always need to keep on their motivation level and interest in the subjects high. When you feel you are losing your concentration on the subjects you can associate it with your dreams and can come back to the track. For example, if a student is really interested in building up a career in the space related field, he/she has to take care of the present studies so as to achieve the goal. The B. Tech/B.E will help to reach the goal easier.

Be Prepared- Expect the Unexpected

When somebody is going to crack the Common Entrance Exam, he/she doesn’t need to worry about the semester exam and the placement process. The only thing they have to do is to focus on the present activity. They have to score a good percentile in the exam that enables them to have admission in the desired college in desired stream. The students of Engineering have to develop the quality of work under deadlines and have the habit of referring the textbooks and using the library for the studies. They have to work properly and enjoy the wisdom process. Understand the fact that learning is a life time process.

Learning through experiencing

This is a competitive world. You are recognized to be a good athlete only when you able to secure the best position. No one notices the ones who finish last, but everybody is behind the one who finishes first. Likewise you have to make your own identity in everything whatever you are doing. You are not expected to be bookish. You have to learn the concepts, understand the theory and then implement that in your own way.



In our country many Engineering colleges are conducting fair and encourage new ideas and inventions in the respective field. National and international fairs are conducted to identify the best potential students and are awarded. Many of the collages take this in a completive spirit and this will provide the students a platform for developing in the interested areas. Understand that this is best way of learning things, an experience learning.

But here, the college should support a lot by providing better learning environment, infrastructure, faculty and other moral support. So students are advised to look the track record of the institution. Same for the institutions also, they can’t give admission to any students who don’t have a good academic career and a sound score in the competitive exam. Only the deserved students get admission into the course. Quality should be in both side of the learning process.

Strong fundamentals

Students need to have a very strong base in their fundamentals that will reflect through confidence in future. For building that they have to start from the plus two levels. When it comes to professional course you have to refer only the standard text books and update the knowledge timely. They have to keep in touch with the changes and new happening of their field and the industries hoping to work for. They can choose the curriculum projects in any of these industries and should take a project where they can utilize their complete potential. The projects should prove as a value addition in their technical profile.

The college can invite the prominent personalities for a talk and appoint experienced teachers for improving the learning process. Each concept should be cleared to the students and the exams and valuation method should be definite.

These are some points to remember. Whatever chosen by a student, it is his/her responsibility to prove it right. It is determined by the hardworking and commitment of the student to achieve their dream. The others can play an outside game. You are the real player here and never go for the false game.



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