Difference between Technicians and Engineers


Technicians are experts who are skilled in intellectual or inventive techniques. However, Engineers are professionals who are concerned with applying methodical acquaintance, arithmetic and ingenuity to solve technical problems and thereby make innovative developments in the field of Science and Technology. The job profile of a Technician encompass installing, repairing and maintaining devices, equipments or machinery whereas engineers concentrate in planning and designing works so as to construct the same.

Course of study and career opportunities of a Technician

As there are different technicians, who operate varied equipments as part of their daily job, aspirants have to study their interesting subjects among the diverse technician courses so as to become a Technician. The different Technician courses include medical, Pharmacy, mobile, mechanical, automobile technician and so on. Aspirants have to study short-term courses or Diploma programs to specialize in their interesting technician courses. Technicians, after completing their course can seek out for employments in hospitals, industries, companies and so on. Their work atmosphere may vary according to the subject they have specialized in.

Course of study and career opportunities of an Engineer

To become an Engineer, aspirants have to study the engineering course after completion of their intermediate course. They should study the same from a recognized institute so as to become a certified Engineer. Instrumentation and Control, Civil Mechanical Engineering are some of the engineering disciplines. In order to become an engineer, aspirants must pursue the BE / B Tech program in their preferred disciplines among the diverse engineering streams. On completion of their course, Engineers can work in the technical side according to their area of specialization. They can also work as Software Engineers in IT industries. Engineers have ample scope within India and overseas.

Key differentiators between Technicians and Engineers

  • Engineers make inputs for problems by relying on the hypothesis and principles of engineering whereas Technicians concentrate more on the practical application to solve a problem.
  • Engineers are the problem solvers whereas technicians are the authentic doers.
  • Engineers can seek for career in their area of study or other fields whereas Technicians may have to work in their respective fields of study only.
  • Comparing Technicians with Engineers, the latter are paid really well entering into career.

With the developments in Science and Technology, Engineers have designed and developed numerous equipments and machineries and there emerged the need of technicians too, who are skilled to operate the same. Both Technicians and Engineers co-operatively work for the advancements in Science and Technology.



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