Role of mechanical engineering course in automobile industry


Mechanical engineering deals with designing and development of machines likesupersonic jets, space crafts, cars, trains, etc. Mechanical engineering has an important role in the designing of other products that human beings use to make their life easier and healthier. The core areas in which mechanical engineers work includes heating, manufacturing, ventilation, automotive, Air conditioning etc. There are many other fields that mechanical engineering has got application.

Responsibilities with mechanical engineers

The mechanical engineers are responsible for the designing of components, machines, systems and processes particularly in the area of manufacturing and various other applications. They are also responsible for the evaluation of the designs based on various principle for ensuring safety, reliability and efficiency.

Role of Mechanical engineers in automobile industry

In the automobile industry too, the mechanical engineers have a significant role to play. They are responsible for the designing of automobiles as a whole, its components, and even the plant in which such automobiles are manufactured. Manufacturing automobiles is a serious business. It involves close coordination between various development teams such as engine, frame, gears, braking system and so on. These all teams consists mainly of engineers from the mechanical specialisation. They see to it that the components are designed to meet the specification set out for the final product. They are also responsible for the design and the development of various machines and equipments required for the manufacture of quality automobiles.

It is a challenging and interesting field

Since the automobile industry changes with time, newer and newer automobiles have to be introduced in to the market to cater to the needs of the customers. So as a result the role of a mechanical engineer is ever challenging and interesting. A mechanical engineer does not have to lead a monotonous career as the role is always changing. The potential for growth in automobile industry is very huge as the demand for automobiles is increasing everyday.

Mechanical engineers with MBA

Mechanical engineers with MBA in operations will have opportunities in the administration side which includes sourcing, inventory management and quality assurance. More over the growth opportunity is high for such candidates.

Remuneration offered in the automobile industry

The remuneration for mechanical engineers is handsome ranging between Rs. 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs per annum. It increases with experience and will be much more when compared to any other industry. This is one reason for the demand for mechanical engineering course.



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    role of mechanical engineers in development of nation (india)

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