Statistician, Career as Statistician


Aspirants who have good mathematical aptitude can choose to be a statistician. Their primary responsibility includes assisting in various design surveys and experiments. They have specifics roles to play in various fields of economics, medicine, psychology, marketing, public health, biology and also sports. While working in many of the reputed firms they should have a good computer skill as well.

There are various graduate levels as well as higher level courses available in our country that aids an aspirant to become a good statistician. They are offered attractive salary packages also. One who works in the medical field is referred to as a medical statistician and who works in the sports field is referred to as a sports statistician. Those who deal with economic sections are generally referred to as economic statisticians.

Career Opportunities in Public Sector

Public sector offers various job opportunities for statisticians. They can play various roles in several undertakings. They have to undergo various exams organized by PSC, UPSC and also SSC to get placed in any of these Government firms. To get into banks they have to write exams conducted by several banks. Some of the employment areas in the Public sector that provides job opportunities for statisticians include the following.

  • Agricultural Statistics Research Institute
  • Ministry of Statistics and Programme implementation
  • National Council for Applied Economic Research
  • Indian Statistical Services
  • Indian Economic Services
  • Civil Services
  • Data survey agencies
  • Defense departments
  • Public sector banks
  • Government hospitals
  • Government Colleges
  • Universities
  • Sports Departments
  • Planning commission

Career Opportunities in Private Sector

Private sector provides various job openings for statisticians in various undertakings. They will be offered good salary packages also. Some of the common employment areas suitable for statisticians in the Private sector include the following.

  • Individual business
  • Private sector banks
  • Private hospitals
  • Private colleges
  • Business firms
  • IT firms
  • Consulting firms
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance firms
  • Statistical research firms
  • Social research firms
  • Economic bureaus
  • Sports undertakings

Statistician Opportunities Abroad

Statisticians have several roles to play in various undertakings abroad. There is a great demand for good statisticians in various accomplishments in foreign countries where they will be offered good salary packages. Aspirants with extra certifications and ample experience can get placed in various reputed firms there.

Salary Range

Starters in this field can earn in the range of Rs.100000/- to Rs.175000/- per annum. After gaining an experience of a couple of years one can earn in the range of Rs. 300000/- to Rs.650000/- per annum. Statisticians who are employed in colleges and Universities earn extra income from outside consultation, research and writing apart from their salary packages.



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