Cochin University B. Tech in Safety and Fire Engineering-8th Sem.-Legal Aspects of Safety Papers


The Cochin University is one of the foremost institutes of the south imparting technical education. The field of engineering is a very diverse one and involves a number of offshoot branches. The discipline of the Safety and Fire Engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering .As it takes care that no human lives are lost in vain to the faulty machinery or irrational industrial processes, so it is quite in demand too. The paper is based on the entire curriculum. The candidates might even feel the paper to be difficult but with a little understanding it can be simplified the whole lot.

Importance of the paper

The Safety and Fire Engineering is a branch of conventional engineering. It stresses a lot at the innovative skills of the student since there are new industrial processes that are being invented every day. And they need to be tested on grounds of safety so that they are not hazardous and do not pose a threat to the society. Moreover any element of risk needs to be eliminated while preserving the essence of the process. As it saves human lives so the stakes are high. Thus the paper largely deals with the question that tests the innovative skills of the candidate in the field of the preventing fire hazards or correcting the faulty machinery.


Legal Aspects of Safety paper follows simple Cochin University paper format.

Paper pattern

The paper consists of ten questions in all. Of these the candidate needs to pick any five and answer them correctly.


The marks for each question are indicated in brackets against the questions. However in general a question carries 20 marks each. There are no negative marks awarded. The candidate is expected to write the answers to the point in a simplified manner to score the most.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions that most frequently feature in the question paper are

Mention the legal provisions relating to confined space in the factories.

Discuss the safety provisions regarding the overhead lines in the Indian Electricity rules.

Explain the circumstances in which the defense of “common employment” is barred under the Employer’s liability Act.

Explain what you mean by contracting out.

Time allotted

For Legal Aspects of Safety paper you will be given 3 hours.

Recommended books

The most popular books are “Normal Accidents Living with High risk technologies by Charles Perrow” and “Deep Survival by Lawrence Gonzales”.

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