Cochin University B.Tech in Civil Engineering-8th Sem-Advanced Design of Structures Papers


Cochin University was founded in 1971 in order to increase the science and technical field in the southern region. Through the act of the legislature resultant by the State Government the university was established. The Advanced Design of Structures is one of the important papers under the 8th semester of civil engineering.

Paper Description:

The 8th semester Advanced Design of Structures papers is based on the designing a number of structures which are generally used in industries and its related fields. The paper provides detailed information about the principle theories and calculations required for designing different structures.

Paper Pattern:

The questions of the Advanced Design of structures Paper are arranged in very simple and plain manner. It holds number of patterns. There are a total of eight questions out of which each candidate should have to attempt four questions and in other pattern there are a total of six questions out of which one should have to answer only three questions. Markings on every question are different.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Generally the questions from the Advanced Design of Structures Paper are long tricky numericals. There are very less number of topics that are repeated in most of the times. The topics is basically from reinforcement details of different structures like designing a chimney, spherical dome, exterior panel etc. There are also certain topics that are alternatively repeated in recent years like different factors of maximum bending moment, designing deck slab etc.

Full Marks and Time Allotted:

The total marks available for the Cochin Advanced Design of structures Paper are 100 and the complete time span allotted to each candidate is three hours.

Books Recommended:

  • Advanced Design of Concrete Structures, by K. Gylltoft, N.E. Wiberg
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