Cochin University B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering-8th Sem-Computer Networks Papers


Cochin University offers the Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. The university offers a great variety of courses for under graduation level to the students. The university is very well known in for its bachelor’s degree program. The paper of Computer Networks holds a high scope for the future and availing your seat during the placement time.

What is taught in this paper?

This paper teaches about the networking done in the field of computers. Students get the basic and advanced level knowledge about the connection and their types and how they work. The students get the correct practical and fruitful path for their bright future.

Importance of this subject

The subject delivers the practical knowledge of the networking scenario in computers and how different types of networks are established and their error detection and troubleshooting. The subject has almost all the interviewer catchy topics which make it more important and it is quite interesting also.

Paper Pattern

Cochin University designed paper for the students is completely to enhance the global knowledge on computer networking. The paper carries total 100 marks and the paper contains two sections A & B. Section - A contains 8 questions of 5 marks each and all are compulsory. Section – B contains 8 questions out of which 4 have to be done and each question is of 15 marks. The questions in the section- B require lots of practice work to answer a 15 marks question. It must give full information of the asked topic.

Frequently Asked Questions

All the questions asked in the paper are from each module of the syllabus, as examinee needs to be prepared for all his or her paper or frequently asked questions completely as there is no such shortcut to pass. The examiner can ask questions on Ethernet and its types, different types of networks and architectures like CDMA and GSM. Questions can be from any corner of syllabus so students have to be prepared for it.

Time allotted to complete the paper

Every paper in Cochin University is allotted the time duration of 3 hours for the completion of the. Within this time, all the students supposed to finish their exam. There will be no extra time procedure in any case.

Recommended Books

  • Computer networks - Andrew S. Tanenbaum
  • Computer Networks - Elsevier
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