Difference between Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management


Both Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management are diverse fields of study that are often felt like they may perhaps overlap. Logistics Management deals with planning, implementing and controlling resourceful, to and fro flow and storage of merchandise and services between the point of manufacture and the point of utilization in order to congregate customers’ necessities. On the other hand, Supply Chain Management incorporates all the manufacturing operations, scheduling and inventory control and resource management, location planning along with information technology so as to coordinate purveyors, the company, and consumers.

Logistics Management courses and career opportunities

The Logistics Management courses help aspirants to be familiar with the movement of freight over land, water or air. There are only postgraduate diploma and Master’s courses in Logistics Management. On completion of their studies in Logistics Management, aspirants can seek out for career in Logistics companies. Otherwise, they can get employed in freight forwarding organizations, Couriers or in Cargo handling conglomerates. The logistics conglomerates have close tie up with shipping enterprises, surface carriers, airline corporations and so on. They have much scope in India and abroad. These professionals can work as operations manager, warehouse supervisor, expeditor, or as logistics coordinator. Their pay scale may vary in accordance with their designation and the company in which they are working with.

Supply Chain Management courses and career opportunities

Many Universities in India and overseas offer Supply Chain Management courses. Only post graduation courses are offered in the respective fields. Aspirants should pursue the course from a recognized institute so as to get a good career. Professionals who are specialized in the concerned streams of study can work as Directors, Managers, or as Consultants in Supply Chain management. Most of the Supply Chain managers can search out for career in manufacturing industries, transportation sector, aviation, shipping conglomerates and so on.

Key differentiators between Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management

  • The key difference between Logistics Management and Supply chain management is that the former deals with strategy and synchronization between production and advertising and promotion whereas the latter concentrates more on purchasing and procurement.
  • Supply Chain management is an entire process in which Logistics management is a mere segment.

Although Logistics Management and Supply Chain management are management disciplines, both are poles apart.



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    is there any good career in ship management?
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    I am B.com graduated. i have done my diploma in export import management. i have work in manufacturing company. but i got very less salary. i want to do a course which it give me big salary. pls tell me which is the best course for me. either supply chain management or post graduation shipping & logistics. pls tell me i am so confused. which institute offer this course. is their any value for distance education. pls tell me


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