Difference between Logistics and Transportation


Logistics is the supervision of the inward and outward flow of goods from their point of manufacture to the point of use of that product by a consumer. The movement of goods or people from one spot to another is known as Transportation. There are many modes of transportation available. They include transport by water, land, air or else by pipelines or cable.

Logistics Course and Opportunities

There are many institutes in India which offer courses in logistics. Candidates who desire to join the course in logistics must have completed their 10+2 course and bachelors degree from a recognized College or University. Those candidates who have completed their course can find employment in many reputed companies. They are given training in fields like transport and supply chain management along with analysis data. Other issues that are related to business are also studied in logistics.

Transportation Course and Opportunities

There are numerous colleges in India which offers courses in transportation. Transportation management is useful for examining the effective movement of cargo inside or outside a country. Candidates who are applying for this course must be graduates from recognized university or college. Students who have finished their course can find employment in areas like the Indian airways, road transport companies, Indian Railways, etc in addition to the shipping countries in India. Students who have acquired a degree in transportation can also find jobs as deputy transport commissioners and as regional transport officers. They can also work as assistant regional transport officers and vehicle inspectors. Jobs like transportation analyst, senior collectors, and transportation supervisors are also available for the candidates.

Key differentiators

The integration of transportation, storage, cataloging etc in addition to the handling of material and packaging of goods is known as Logistics while Transportation deals with the efficient movement of individuals or goods from one particular location to another.



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