Fee Structure of Bachelor of Engineering (BE)


Bachelor of engineering is a course that deals with the technological aspect of the subject. Under this course, one is taught the technologies and practical application of science in that particular subject. The main aim of the course is to create uses of the subject.

It will not be wrong to say that bachelor of engineering is one of the most popular course in India. The numbers of engineering colleges in India are many and are also growing with a rapid rate. The growth is to meet the high demand of this course amongst the students. Every year a huge majority of the students apply for engineering course all over India. Thus the needs of engineering colleges are increasing day by day. That is the main reason we see so many government as well as private institution offering this course.

The fee structure of Bachelor of Engineering is generally between 20000 per semester to 60000 and sometimes even 80000 per semester. The fees are not certain for all the institutes. The fees greatly depend on the institutes and university from which the courses are done.

Few of the renowned universities and colleges that offer this course is IIT, NIT, Jadavpur University, VIT, DCE and many more. Deemed universities have their own fee slab and they charge their own fee. The institutes like IITS and NIT charges same fee approximately in all their branches. Like IIT Chennai charges round about 20500 per semester, and IIT Kharagpur charges 22000 only. IIT Delhi also charges 22500 only for one semester. NIT Raipur charges Rs. 20, 635 for general candidates and Rs. 5635 for SC/ST candidates per semester.

These institutes have no relaxation and discount for backward and lower class students. However, backward and lower caste students get a special quota of reservation in these colleges for admission. For poor students there are special considerations in the fees. If they are good in academics they are even offered concession in fees.



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    i m twelve pass with commerce can i go for be
    please reply me

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    i want to know about the validation of M.tech degree provided by NIMS University Jaipur, Rajasthan.
    This university is recognised by UGC or not.
    and the M.tech degree provided by the NIMS is valid for Govt. and private jobs in all states of india
    Pleasw inform me quickle yt and right

    Thank You