Fee Structure of International Course in Flour Milling Technology


The flour milling courses are very new to the education market. Earlier, it was supposed to be a part of the farmer’s profession. Now, the scenario has changed, proving agriculture and farming as one of the most profitable sector. Thus, the activities related to the course are also getting popular day by day. The demand of good flour millers is very high and thus the demand of the course is also rising. As the demand rises, the colleges offering this course also start rising. This is the main reason why so many colleges have com e up offering this course.

Many renowned and popular names are getting associated with this course. The main reason is its rising demand. Actually the course is highly in demand and is asking for a lot of trained personals. Thus, the colleges are also keen in offering this course to the aspiring candidates. Both private as well as government colleges have entered the league and is offering course of various levels and duration in Flour milling technology.

The fee structure of International Course in Flour Milling technology is not only variable with university, but is also variable with the course duration. Various famous universities like international school of milling technology, and Chhattisgarh University offer this course. The fee structure of a 2 year course under international school of milling technology is Rs. 75000. However the same course in Chhattisgarh University costs Rs. 70000 for 2 year’s course. The same university charges Rs. 16000 for 6 month’s course and Rs. 35000 for 1 year’s course in the same subject.

The above universities are not known to provide any kind of concession in this course. However, the college does have a reservation quota for backward class students, under which admission is granted.



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