Future of M.A in Film studies in India


M.A in Film studies is a postgraduate course, which makes individuals aware about the history and the economic aspects of film making in India. This postgraduate course is offered to those who have successfully completed the bachelor degree in film studies from any of the reputed Universities. The booming sector offers a lot of career opportunities to aspirants both in India as well as abroad.

Due to the growing importance of Film industry, the demand to undergo education programs on Film studies will become much higher in the coming times.

Future scopes:

Higher Study after M.A in Film studies

Those who have completed the master’s program in Film studies can go for higher studies or short-term courses in the same. Different Universities in India as well as abroad offers interim courses making the individual to perform well a specific area. The short-term courses make individuals competent with the new technologies arising in the film production. Higher studies in the subject make the student competent in the topic to excel themselves in operations.

Career Prospects after M.A in Film studies

The postgraduate program in film studies can help an individual to start their career as a filmmaker. This requires extensive experience and expertise in the area. There is also provision to work in different film related industries such as TV channels, advertising agencies etc. These graduates can find employment in various production houses of film industry.  M.A graduates in film study can obtain job as:

  • Arts Administrator
  • Cinema Manager
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Film/Video Producer
  • Information Assistant
  • Journalist
  • Librarian, Special/Academic
  • Media Planner
  • Picture Researcher
  • Presenter TV/Radio
  • Teacher
  • Television Researcher
  • University Teacher

Different organizations employing Film study graduates are mentioned below.

  • Advertising/Marketing organizations
  • Arts Organizations
  • Civil Service Departments
  • Colleges or Schools
  • Commercial Galleries
  • Craft & Design Institutions
  • Film/TV production companies
  • Museums
  • Universities

To make a mark in the industry the candidates must obtain adequate experience in the area and they have to demonstrate their skills and accomplishments. Fresh candidates can get in to entry-level positions initially. By gaining practice, they can start work as a free lancer or can work in their preferred area of film sector.

Many Indian filmmakers are able to establish well in international countries also. Professionals in this area can work in collaboration with Hollywood production companies in filmmaking. In future, the career aspects as well as the demand to pursue different courses in Film studies will definitely rise. Film industry is becoming much popular in the present scenario due to its worldwide acceptance.



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