Future after B.A in Film studies


This course will help candidates understand the history and theory of film making. It focuses on cinema from across the globe and finally concentrating on the Hindi film industry or Bollywood. It tells us how the language used in films creates meaning .This course also helps us in understanding films in their social and national contexts. It also helps us to understand theories involving authorship, genres, star systems and feminism.

Eligibility for BA in film making course

For becoming Bachelor’s in film making, one must have passed 10+2 from a recognized school or board.

Course content and scope after BA in film studies

B A in film making will make candidates understand practical film making. They will also understand aspects of film production and alternate cinema which are basically national trends, alternative to Bollywood. Candidates can also understand script writing and video production.

B A in film studies will offer an academic approach to history and theory of film making, along with practical film making view points. B A in film studies will make candidates foundations strong in the aspect of film making and film theories. One can also understand how films create an impact and convey their meanings and how those meanings fit into our social, industrial and cultural context. There are many modules which talk about cult films, Bollywood, alternate cinema, plus a wide variety of national and world cinema.

There are other modules which will focus on research projects, so that one can become an expert on films. A BA in film making will help a candidate to join a team of scholars, who are passionate about film making and cinema in all its varieties, which include short films for mobile phones and up to major blockbusters.

There are other modules which encourage a person to join group or individual research projects. This ultimately will help a candidate in becoming an independent research scholar. This degree program will not only offer a candidate, an academic qualification, but it will also help one to think independently and manage one’s time. There are assessments, which will help a person in the job market and encourage a person to work in teams and encourage research and presentation.

So, we can conclude that after doing this course, a candidate can find employment in various roles in the Film industry. He can start as an assistant and can even become a Director in later stages.



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    is it possible to get in hollywood if you really have lots of interest in this field and what one must do to get there. plz help me!
    And which one is better, computer B.tech or Film course?

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    nawal koirala:

    i would like to know about colleges offering BA in film studies in Delhi and also about the timing of registration.

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    I have always been immersed in an doubt that what is the difference or be more clear which is the more demanding among the two degrees:
    1.Bachelor degree in direction/cinematography
    2.post graduate diploma in direction/cinematography.
    I am a 12th pass candidate from science and willing to set my career in the above mentioned post.what do i do next?Please guide me by sending mail to [email protected].

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    i want to make carrier in films. so i want proper updates with respec to my carrier…..

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    hi its me manoj can you tell me something about your couorse??