Does a Degree in Film studies matter?


Film studies can be very interesting for those who have a passion towards it. To begin a career in this field, it is essential for a person to have a degree in any one specialized field or in any field of their choice. There are a variety of areas available for a person to delve into and armed with this qualification, students will have better career opportunities and much brighter prospects. More on the courses available in film making and the importance of the degree is mentioned below.

Courses available in Film Studies:

Many specialized courses regarding all aspects of film making are available for students to choose from. Studying these courses will ensure that students get enough knowledge on all conceptual and practical facets of film production.

The available courses in Film making is given below:

Graduate level

  • B.A (Hons) with Film Studies
  • B.A in Film Studies
  • Bachelor of Theatre Arts

Postgraduate level

  • Master’s Degree in Cinema Studies

Certificate Courses

  • Courses in Audio Engineering
  • Courses in Digital Film Making
  • Courses in Media Technology
  • Certificate Course in Acting
  • Certificate Course in Film Direction, Cinematography, Audiography and Editing
  • Certificate Course in Production and Direction
  • Certificate Course in Professional Videography
  • Certificate Course in Sound Recording and Reproduction

Diploma Courses

  • Diploma in Acting
  • Diploma in Audio and Video Production
  • Diploma in Cinematography
  • Diploma in Direction
  • Diploma in Direction and Screen Play Writing
  • Diploma in Direction, Acting, Videography, Film Editing
  • Diploma in Dramatic Arts
  • Diploma in Film Directing, Film Acting
  • Diploma in Film Direction, Cinematography, Audiography and Editing
  • Diploma in Film Editing
  • Diploma in Film Making
  • Diploma in Film Processing
  • Diploma in Film Studies
  • Diploma in Freehand Animation
  • Diploma in Fundamental and Audio Visual Education
  • Diploma in Motion Picture Photography
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Production
  • Diploma in Professional Photography
  • Diploma in Scenic Design
  • Diploma in Sound Recording and Sound Engineering
  • Diploma in Video Camera and Lighting Diploma in Video Editing and Sound Recording
  • Post Diploma in Acting
  • Post Diploma in Film Direction

Post Graduate Course in Cinema Studies

Post Graduate Courses

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Video Production

Other Courses

  • Basic Course in Film and Television
  • Course in Acting and Camera
  • Course in Audio and Visual Education
  • Course in Video Editing
  • Film Appreciation Course in Cinema
  • Programme in Film Studies

Employment opportunities available for students:

Aspirants who are well qualified will be able to get jobs in the film making line in our country. Job opportunities for aspirants can be found with:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Film Studios
  • Government Department
  • Production Companies

A few job profiles comprise of:

  • Assistants
  • Cameramen
  • Director
  • Editors
  • Lighting crews
  • Producer
  • Soundmen

Though the entry into this field will be a little difficult, once a person proves himself to be talented, there will never be any dearth of opportunities for them.

Does a degree in film studies help?

From the aforementioned details we can understand how much important a degree in film studies is. Not only a degree in this subject help students get more knowledge in the subject, but also they will be able to determine and get more ideas on their individual skills. One must always understand that only with good skills will an aspirant be able to get good jobs. This includes qualification as well as experience.



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    Vishal Gangwar:

    I am doing B.Sc. Film & tv production in a private university.
    Can i get job as a film editor?

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    Is there any distance education course on film making in india?

  3. 1
    Mahesh krishnan:

    I have completed my degree in commerce( and is currently intrested in pursuing a course in film area of intrest in script writing. What all courses are available from various institutions?