Government Colleges for Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy)


Anatomy is a term derived from a Greek term whose meaning is cut open, cut up, apart from and separate. It is branch of medicine and biology, which is concerned with the structure of living things. Anatomy is a general term and it includes several other disciplines like plant anatomy, animal anatomy and human anatomy. Through common roots of evolution, the term anatomy is closely related to comparative embryology, comparative anatomy and embryology.

Division of Anatomy:

Anatomy, which is one of the basic medical sciences is subdivided into types like macroscopic anatomy or gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy. Gross anatomy or macroscopic anatomy is a type of anatomy that can be seen with naked eyes without the aid of any instruments. On the other hand, microscopic anatomy is the study of minute anatomical structures with the aid of microscope.

Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy):

Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy) is a course that is offered by a single medical college according to the Medical Council of India and this college is a government college. Some of the details about this single medical college and its name are given below:

Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata

Introduction to Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Kolkata:

In the city of Kolkata in the year 1707, the first hospital was established in the premises of the old fort at Gerstein Place. The present name was awarded to the institution in the year 1957 and it was in this year, the then Prime Minister of the country inaugurated the institution. The institution has been showing considerable development right from its inception till date.

About Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy) course:

This PG diploma course in Basic Medical Sciences extends to a period of two years and the course is offered only by this single institution in India, which is functioning with affiliation from the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

Eligibility requirement and admission procedure:

Like any other PG diploma courses, admission to the Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (anatomy) course is also offered to candidates with MBBS and compulsory internship completion certificate and they should also be registered with the Medical Council of India or any other state medical council. Admission is done based on the merit secured by the students in the national level PG medical entrance examination.

Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy) can offer good job opportunities and the medical professionals can get job satisfaction in this branch of medicine.



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