Government Colleges for Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology)


Physiology is the science of functioning of living systems, which studies how bio-molecules, cells, organs, organ systems and organisms carry out the physical or chemical functions that exist in the living system. Physiology includes Human physiology, which is a science of biochemical, physical and mechanical functions of humans in good health, their organs and the cells of which they are composed.

The main focus of physiology is at the level of systems and organs within systems. Animal experimentation is used for much of the foundation knowledge of human physiology. Physiology is a branch of science that is closely associated with anatomy. Anatomy is a study of form, while physiology is the study of function. Because of the frequent connection between form and function, physiology and anatomy are intrinsically linked and are studies in tandem as a part of medical curriculum. Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology) is a course that is offered only by a single medical college according to the Medical Council of India and this college is a government college. Some of the details about this single medical college and its name is:

Institute of Postgradute Medical Education & Research, Kolkata

About Institute of Postgradute Medical Education & Research, Kolkata:

In the year 1707, the first hospital in the premises of old Fort at Gerstein place was built in the city of Kolkata. The hospital was given the present name in the year 1957 on the 16th of January. On the 16th of January 1957, the institute was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India. Right from this period, the institute has been growing considerably with respect to number of students, number of courses offered and in other aspects as well.

About Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology) course:

This PG diploma course extends to a period of two-year duration and the course is offered only by this single institution in India, which is functioning with affiliation from the West Bengal University of Health Sciences.

Eligibility requirement and admission procedure:

Like any other PG diploma courses, admission to the Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology) course is also offered to candidates with MBBS and compulsory internship completion certificate and they should also be registered with the Medical Council of India or any other state medical council. Admission is done based on the merit secured by the students in the national level PG medical entrance examination.

Diploma in Basic Medical Sciences (Physiology) can offer good job opportunities and the medical professionals can get job satisfaction in this branch of medicine.



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