Government Jobs in Visual Arts in India


Visual arts are form of arts that create works that are basically visual in nature like architecture, modern visual arts like filmmaking, video and photography, crafts, design, printmaking, sculpture, painting, drawing and ceramics. These cannot be confined to visual arts since many artistic disciplines including textile arts, conceptual arts and performing arts involve aspects of visual arts and other types of arts as well. Visual arts include forms of applied arts like decorative art, interior design, fashion designing, graphic designing and industrial designing.

Career in Visual Arts:

A career in visual arts involve professionals, who need to produce stunning and creative results in campaigns, organizational or business presentations, publications and media and professionals in this field would work with design art, filmmaking, photography, animations, computer aided design, graphically designed works. Visual artists include a broad field of action and these professionals carry out a number of assignments meant for attracting  the attention of public and potential customers.

Qualification and training and visual arts:

For beginning a career in visual arts, candidates must possess a minimum of UG degree in multimedia arts, motion picture production, publishing, advertising, graphics design, computer graphics, fine arts or related degrees. However, the real qualification required for a profession in visual arts is expertise, skill and creativity of an artist in addition to educational qualification.

Benefits of taking up visual arts as a career:

Candidates pursuing visual arts career can become forensic sketch artists, illustration cartoonists, painting restorers, advertising designers, college instructors, studio artists or even as art gallery owners. They can also find jobs in public relations, publishing of craft guilds, corporate communications, auction houses, historical societies and museums and a career in visual arts is highly beneficial because artists not only earns, but can also enjoy their passion as their profession, which is very rare in the case of any other career. However, before choosing a career in visual arts, it is highly essential to think twice to check whether the career will be suitable for the person selecting it.

Government jobs in visual arts in India:

When talking about government jobs in the field of visual arts, candidates can take up teaching as their profession, which will enable them to find job opportunities in higher secondary schools as art teachers. These professionals can also find job opportunities in government-run museums and art galleries. Recently, University of Kalyani invited applications from eligible candidates for the position of Assistant Professor in Visual Arts and likewise many other universities running under the control of central and state governments call for eligible candidates with appropriate qualification in visual arts. Not only colleges, government schools also offer job opportunities for professionals with appropriate qualification for the position of teachers in visual and other forms of arts. When taking up job in government-run museums, these professionals can find job opportunities in positions like gallery technician, art collection manager and art gallery manager since they have subject knowledge preference will be given to candidates with degree in visual arts rather than candidates with other qualifications in art galleries and museums working under the control of government.



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