Difference between Fine Arts and Visual Arts


Fine Arts is described as a type of art that has been created mainly for enjoying the loveliness of nature or things pertaining to it. It is chiefly regarded as the art of aesthetics. The kind of art forms that fashions works that are mainly visual in nature is called as Visual Arts. Ceramics, drawing, structural designing and other crafts such as painting, and sculpture are examples of Visual Arts. Modern Visual arts include filmmaking, photography and Video making.

Fine Arts Course and Career Opportunities

The qualification that is needed for students to join the graduate course in Fine Arts is a pass in the higher secondary class. In addition to this, they also require an eye for detail in addition to an imaginative mind.  Students who have concluded their education in the subject can find many avenues open for them. Depending upon their aptitude, individuality and perseverance, students of Fine arts will be able to find work with pioneer companies both in India and overseas. Advertising agencies, media houses and fabric industries take in students of Fine Arts. Besides this, professionals of Fine Arts could also get work with drama houses, production houses or the theatre. Musicians, Artists and Painters can work on a contractual basis or independently. It is also possible for fine artists to go for a career in teaching. Writers of arts or critics are also in demand these days.

Visual Arts Course and Career Opportunities

The basic qualification required for a student to pursue a career in visual arts is a pass in class 12.  In addition to this, the students must also have an intense passion towards visual arts. There are quite a few colleges in country that provide graduate as well as undergraduate courses in visual arts. As there are many specialties available on visual arts, the qualifying exam as well as the admission procedure of the candidates will vary according to the institution. Students who have finished their studies can get jobs according to their field of specialty. Web page designing, production of music videos and video games are some of the jobs available for students of visual arts. Illustration of Computer and architecture are a few of the other career options available for talented designers and artists.

Key differentiators Fine Arts and Visual Arts

Between them, Fine Arts as well as Visual Arts occupy a big place in our lives today. Though they seem to be separate at times, one is not complete without the other. While Fine arts is concerned with concepts of beauty, like painting, music, architecture, dance or photography, Visual arts deals with the disciplines of fashion, culinary arts, textiles, performing arts and interior design.



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