Grapecity Placement Papers


The Grapecity Placement papers are important as they are the first step to guarantee a place in the organization. The topics in the paper include C/C++, OOPS, DBMS, etc. All the questions in the paper are objective type questions with multiple choice answers. It is important to be sure of the answer while marking one because there is negative marking on the paper. For every incorrect answer the candidate loses 0.25 marks.

The paper is divided into four sections namely A,B,C,D. The last section is the easiest to answer. It is the section A questions which are the lengthiest and the toughest while the D level questions are the easiest to answer. However, they are of one a single mark. Whereas the A level questions will get you 4 marks.  Most of the D level questions are basic calculation and equations which are not very time consuming and involve simple logic.

The questions of C level are from R.S.Aggarwal. These are again very simple questions involving topics like percentage, profit and loss, time and speed. The A and B level questions both involve logical reasoning. However, the A level questions involve both quantitative analysis and logical reasoning.

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