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Microsoft is undoubtedly a big software company and who wouldn’t want to be associated with such a prestigious company. But the hurdle that needs to be crossed are the written tests and the interviews. Preparation for Microsoft’s written test requires a thorough knowledge of technical skills because the questions asked from topics like operating system, C, Java and others can be really tough. The test can comprise of different sections like English, Mental Ability, Aptitude Test, and technical section consisting of questions from programming and other related questions.

The questions in English are generally quite easy. Candidates are tested on usage of prepositions, articles, antonyms and synonyms. There are passages on topics like networks and CGI scripting. The questions on mental ability are like ones on intersection and union, painting cubes and then cutting them into pieces, Venn diagrams. The aptitude section consists of questions on data sufficiency and puzzles and riddles. The technical part can be difficult as this requires a very good hold of the skills. C, Data Structures, OS, Java and similar topics are the subjects of the questions. With the following Microsoft Placement Papers, B.Tech students desirous of working in Microsoft can familiarize themselves with the questions.

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    can pls give the details for microsoft selection process & tips.
    if possible can any of u pls mail me microsoft placement papers.

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    rajveer singh:

    i m doing cse(final year).i m intersted in php . is there any scope in microsofts regarding this field for freshers.plz also tell me about microsoft certification.what is its procedure?
    how can apply for certification,what r the qualification plz tell me every thing in detail?

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    Am i elligible for campus placement if i have appeared in 11th one yr after 10th and have 90.1%in 10th in 2006 & 91% in 12th in 2009 and grade 8.4 in engg. Pls advise in which co to try. Thanks

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    plz send previous microsoft placement papers to my mail.

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    plz send previous microsoft placement papers to my mail.
    is there any current off campus openings for eee students passing out in 2012.

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    plz send previous microsoft placement papers to my mail.

    is any openings is there for 2011 freshers?

    where they ll conduct recruitment process in chennai for freshers.

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    plz send previous placement papers to my mail.

    is any openings is there for 2011 freshers?

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    pls send previous test papers

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    how can i got the microsoft certifications

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    Nithya Gowri:

    Is there any current openings for IT students passing out in 2011. Where can i such details?