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Hughes Placement Exams are important when a person is seeking a job in prestigious companies like Hughes Software Systems, etc. It is an extremely important paper and consists of technical questions to test knowledge of the subject and data analysis abilities. The successful clearance of the written exam will be followed by an interview with is again technical as well as non technical. Thereafter you will be given a cumulative score which will mark your entry into an organization.

The exam is conducted at various centers across India. The paper mainly consists of two sections. The first section namely, Section A consists of 20 questions. All the questions are related to quant’s simple logical questions and simple math questions. The second section namely section B comprise of 30 questions. There is choice between Computer Science paper and Electronics paper. The candidate is free to choose one he or she is most comfortable with.

The preparation for this exam would include everything studied till date in the particular field. There is no fixed portion or syllabus. All the questions have four alternatives following them. The answers to all the questions are provided in the papers available on the net.

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