Gujarat Technological University Civil Engineering 3rd Sem Structural Analysis-I Papers


Gujarat Technological University is one of the renowned colleges in west India. A number of colleges are affiliated to this university. There are numbers of undergraduate as well as post graduate course under this University. Civil engineering is one of the renowned courses offered by this university. On completion of this course one gets a degree of B.Tech. Civil engineering is a professional course that gives an expertise to an individual for designing, constructing and maintaining various buildings, bridges, roads and etc. This is a four years degree course having 2 semesters per year. Structural analysis is an important paper in the third semester of this course.

About the Paper

This subject has 5 credit points. Total marks for this paper is 150 marks. 70 mark for the university theory exam, 30 for mid semester exam and 50 marks for practical. Analysis of structure i.e., the system of interconnected members is a very important concept in the study of civil engineering. This subject deals with determination of behavior of various physical structures like buildings, bridges and etc. Hence this subject is very important from the view point of a civil engineer. To score good marks it is important to have a deep knowledge of the subject.

Paper Pattern

Total marks for the theory paper is 70. All the five questions are to be attempted. For the first question there is no choice but for the rest of the questions there are two choices for each question. All the questions carry equal marks i.e., 14. Each broad question can have sub questions also. Sub questions of a given question must be answered together and in the specific order as given in the question paper.

Time Duration

Time duration for this exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Students are required to complete their paper within the given time.

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