Gujarat Technological University Biotechnology 3rd Sem Thermodynamics Papers


Gujarat Technological University is one of the top rated Engineering College in India. This University has many government as well as many self financed colleges affiliated. These colleges have a number of undergraduate degree programs, post graduate degree programs and many other programs. Engineering colleges are increasing day by day as India advances in technology. Biotechnology is a new filed in engineering. Gujarat Technological University also has a four year engineering degree in Biotechnology. There are in total 8 semesters, 2 semesters every year. Thermodynamics is an important paper in this degree course.

Sections in this paper

There are no sections in the paper. This paper is not organized well. The paper is not at all modular

Kind of paper you can expect

Usually one cannot find many options in the paper. All the questions are compulsory. Except question number 1, all other questions have two options out of which students are required to answer only one. Questions may also have sub questions. Marks for the sub question are written against the question. It is important to note the marks allotted for the question and answer each of them accordingly.

Marks carried by each question

All the questions carry same marks. Each question is for 17 marks. Total marks for the paper is 70.

Time allotted for this paper

Time duration for the examination is 2.30 hours. It is required to complete the paper on time. To achieve this, one needs to practice modal papers.

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