Gujarat Technological University B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering 5th Sem Papers


There are seven subjects in total in the 5th semester under the discipline of Aeronautical Engineering with electives. All the papers carry equal marks and almost all of them follow the same paper pattern. The papers of the following subjects Composite Materials and Smart Structures, Flight Mechanics, Fundamentals of Turbo M/cs, Management-II, Aircraft Structure-II, Computational Fluid Dyanamics-1 and Operation & Maintenance of Aircraft are all having the same question paper pattern.

Paper pattern:

The theoretical paper consists of five questions each having fourteen marks and one has to answer each of them There are however options in the internal questions and the questions are sub divided to make smaller questions carrying 3-4 marks. The first question is compulsory as one need to be very particular in attempting these short questions. There are no options in the first question.

Maximum marks and time allotted:

The time allotted to finish off the papers in the fifth semester of the Aeronautical Engineering is three hours and all the seven papers have a maximum mark of seventy that can be obtained in these papers. The questions are each of 14 marks and there are five questions.

Frequently asked question:

The paper of the Gujarat Technological University is a subjective based paper and a lot of questions are asked on the elaboration of certain terms and concepts. Definition of Isothermal layer and Inversion Layer, Drag Forces, Mach No., etc are some of the common questions of Flight Mechanics Paper. Some common questions from other papers includes Eulers Model, Naviers model and Wandroff method from Computational Fluid Dynamics-I paper, gas turbine engine and requirements of gas turbine lubricant, transceiver and radar from Operation and Maintenance Aircraft paper, Glass Fiber, Acoustic Emission Techniques, Micro Electromechanical systems, smart materials etc from Composite Materials and Smart Structures Papers.


  • Mechanics of Structure Vol. I: S. B. Junarkar.
  • Analysis of Structure Vol. I: S. S. Bhavikatti
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