How to prepare for CBSE 10th Geography Exam?


In order to excel in CBSE 10th Geography Exam it is very important for students to do a systematic study. Geography subject is all about understanding the earth and terrain and you can easily understand the subject provided you are attentive in the class. Follow daily class lessons and then brush through the text book to develop a firm understanding of the topics covered in each lesson.

The CBSE 10th geography syllabus includes

  • Agriculture
  • Forest and Wildlife Resources
  • Life Lines of National Economy
  • Minerals and Energy Resources
  • Resources and Development
  • Water Resources
  • Earth and places
  • Terrain and climate

How to prepare if the Geography Model Exam was a failure?

Geography is a broad subject; hence it is quite important that we make an assessment of areas which we have covered and know as against those areas where we have not covered. Now it is time to work on those topics or syllabus materials which you didn’t cover in the model exam preparation time. It is better to prepare notes on those areas where you need to cover in more depth. Short notes always help to brush up different areas before the exam.

Next thing you could attempt is to get hold of some previous year’s papers and analyse those areas from the syllabus from which there were more questions. It is important to pay attention to those areas.  Have a leisurely study plan and put a firm time table for covering different weak areas so that you have enough time to study and make notes.

Earth and its properties, climatic conditions, global maps, land coordinates and terrain are some of the toughest areas in Geography where usually one has to make a thorough study. We have to identify those areas and seek help of either teachers or text books to get  us stronger in those areas.

How to prepare if Geography Model Exam was a success?

Though you have succeeded in the model paper, you should not take any chance. If time is there, please have a complete review of all topics, go through the concepts once more and attempt previous question papers with vigor. Practicing the questions with in the allowed time frame will really help to plan for how you should be attempting the questions in such a way that you answer all those which you know for sure first and then go  to the remaining questions. Managing your exam time is critical. Also take good rest, don’t put unwanted pressure on yourself and lose sleep. This can make you tired and feel not fresh while writing the exams. While answering always give weightage to those questions which carry higher marks.

Tips and Tricks for the 10th Geography Exam

  • Make short notes while covering each syllabus right after the class time itself
  • Create a right environment for studying
  • Solve as many previous years papers of Geography Exam
  • Be confident and attempt those questions first which you know well
  • Never do copying or other malpractice in Exam hall
  • Plan to read the entire question paper in the first 5 minutes so that you can make a judgment of which questions to go for initially
  • Be sharp, just read the questions carefully so that you can answer them in your best capacity
  • Keep the last few minutes revising your answer sheet. Divide the rest of the time between the questions to be answered.
  • Do not leave out any question from the paper, since there is no negative marking

Prescribed Books for Geography Exam

Contemporary India Part 2 for Class X published by NCERT is one of the best reference books for students to prepare for 10th Exam in Geography.



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