How to prepare for CBSE 10th Science Exam?


Science can generally be a tough subject if it is not studied in earnest. Students must study systematically if they wish to excel in their studies. Science is all about understanding the finer basics of the fundamental forms of life and their evolution. As one might know well, science is broadly divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students must take effort to study without cease. Students will find their lessons easier once they understand the fundamentals.

The CBSE 10th Science syllabus includes

  • Chemical Substances
  • Chemical Substances -Nature and Behavior
  • Effects of Current
  • Natural Phenomena
  • Natural Resources
  • World of living

How to prepare if the CBSE 10th Science Model Exam was a failure?

One must understand that the science is not an easy subject to learn. Only if one gets an idea about the basic idea will they be able to perform well. So, there is certainly no need to be worried if the model exam was a failure. Students can assess their work and find out their strong and weak areas. Students must create and study plan and follow it religiously. Doing this will enable them to achieve their aim. If they have any doubts, they can clear them with their friends or teachers.

How to prepare if CBSE 10th Science Model Exam was a success?

Even if you have successfully passed the model exams, you must never take any chance. If there is adequate time, students can go through the entire topics one again. Doing this will enable you to find out points that you might have missed. Students must plan their time accordingly. It will not only help them in their exams, but also in their future studies. Students must also guarantee that they take rest at adequate hours. Otherwise, they will get stressed out and won’t be able to concentrate in your studies or your exams.

Tips and Tricks for the CBSE 10th Science Exam

Candidates can make short notes when the teacher is teaching them. This will help them remember the points better. Another good method for the students to study is to solve as many model papers as possible. One thing the students must always keep in mind is to never cheat. There is no short cut to success. Only by practice can one prefect in the field they prefer.

Prescribed Books for CBSE 10th Science Exam

A few of the reference books include:

  • Assessment of Practical Skills in - Class IX - CBSE Publication
  • Assessment of Practical Skills in - Class X - CBSE Publication
  • Laboratory Manual - Class IX, NCERT Publication
  • Laboratory Manual - Class X, NCERT Publication

The Textbook for class IX - NCERT Publication and Textbook for class X - NCERT Publication are also reliable reference books for students.



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