How to prepare for CBSE 10th Mathematics Exam


Mathematics is one subject that frightens many students. As a matter of fact, it is actually one of the easiest topics and one can score more marks in this when compared to other subjects. To accomplish the desired result, all one has to do is to practice constantly and concentrate on the basics. This will enable the students to score more marks.

How to prepare if you failed in 10th Model Mathematics Exam?

In case the written examination was a failure, the first thing the student must do is to start working from the top. By practicing constantly on a variety of topics, the students will happen to come to be more familiar with the formula as well as the methods of the sums. Another thing the student can do is to ask the help of their instructor. The instructors will be able to provide them with handy short cuts. Also discussing topics like this will give the students more encouragement to attempt a particularly dense problem.

How to prepare if you succeeded in 10th Model Mathematics Exam?

The students must never be over confident. They must never think that they do not need to study or prepare for the exam because they got the model paper. The model paper is just a sample of the questions that have a chance to come for the main exams. The students must absolutely focus on all aspects of the subject. In case the students are confident that they know how to do a particular problem, they can leave it for a while and attempt a problem that is difficult for them. This method will give them a chance to get familiar with all sums.

Tips and Tricks for clearing CBSE 10th Mathematics Exam

  • The students can practice on different topics when ever they can
  • There is absolutely no need to panic. The students can keep a cool mind and write down what they know with confidence
  • It is important to keep a time line for the exam. This will give the students some time to relax and think before attending the next question
  • The students must see to that every question is dealt with efficiency

Select a Good Environment for Preparing for CBSE 10th Maths Exam

An atmosphere to study is very important when preparing for not one, but all exams. While one is preparing for the mathematics exam, a good and calm atmosphere is very much crucial. If the students wish to study alone, the library will be a good place to do so. An alternative to this is to study with friends. Doing this will give them an opportunity to understand each other flaws and correct them.

Make notes while studying for Maths Exam

While preparing for the exam, it will be very helpful for the students if they write down the formula or other short notes on a spare piece of paper. Moreover, always writing these formula down will also help the students to memorize it. You can refer this piece of paper to refresh your knowledge just before the exams.

Solve previous years Maths Exam papers

Question papers of the previous years will be available in all leading stationary stores. In addition to this, question papers of the prior year will also be available in the backside of the textbooks. Students can practice on these. Not only will they get familiar with the pattern of the question, they will also be able to time themselves for exam section of the paper they do.

Prescribed Books for Maths Exam

  • Oswaal CBSE CCE Question Bank For Class 10 Term II (October 2010 to March 2011) Mathematics
  • Oswaal CBSE CCE Solutions (As per Marking Scheme) For Class 10 Term I (April to September) Mathematics
  • Oswaal Study Material Based on NCERT Text Book For Class-10 Mathematics

Write and Present well in CBSE Board 10th Exam

At the time of the exam, the students must ensure that they have written down their answers legibly and in an understandable manner. The way of presentation is always important during the exams. The students need to first attend the harder problems and then attempt the easier ones.

Sleep Well and Eat Well

The next most important thing to academic preparation and practicing is for the students to take care is their health. Too much time on studies can give them a headache and they will not be able to concentrate on the exam. To avoid this, the students can always take short breaks between their study time. Besides this, the students must also ensure that they sleep for atleast 6 hours especially day before the exam. On top of this, they must also take in the right amount of food. You should avoid eating junk food a lot during the exam time and have quality nutritious food. This could make you stronger and a stronger body can have a sharp mind.



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    Is it better to stand the Maths Exam by attending Section C, B,A and then Section D. Or is it better to start with Section D, then C, B and A?

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    I m compt at 10th at maths and when ll’ i
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    possibal quistion 10th standerd of mathmatics.

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    show that any positive odd integer is of the form 4q+1 or 4q+3 where q is a positive number.

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    the questions will be from textbooks or from outside.

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    If a person wants to study but when he/she sits for studying he/she will be able to study for sometime (only0.00-0.5hours) and after that his/her find boring to study and start killing time then what he/she has to do.