How to prepare for CBSE 10th English Language and Literature Exam?


English Language and Literature in CBSE 10th examination is for a maximum mark of 80 marks. The duration of the examination is three hours.

The question paper usually includes four sections. They are

  • Section A – Reading
  • Section B – Writing
  • Section C – Grammar
  • Section D – Literature

The reading, writing and grammar sections are for 15 marks each and literature section for 35 marks.

How to prepare if the CBSE 10th English Language and Literature Model Exam was a failure?

Students must first understand the subject thoroughly. Once they get a basic idea about the subject then it will be easy for them to go through it. Prepare the subject from the beginning of the studies itself. The failure in model exam is not the end at all, so students must be confident and improve their studies to crack the final examination. They should plan a schedule for the preparation and allot time for each section depending on their strength and weakness in the particular area. They must follow the preparation as per the planned schedule strictly. This will help them to achieve the goal. If they found any portions difficult they can clear them with friends or their faculty members.

How to prepare if CBSE 10th English Language and Literature Model Exam was a success?

Even if the students may have cleared the model exam successfully they must not be lazy at all further. If they have enough time then they can go through the subject once again. Doing like this will help them to understand and note down the points they have missed. They should plan the time sensibly. Figure out a schedule depending on the strength and weakness of the subject. The plan should be stress less and effective. Take necessary relaxations in between the study.

Tips and Tricks for the CBSE 10th English Language and Literature Exam

The students can easily crack the examination if they follow certain tips and tricks. They should take down the notes while the teacher is teaching them. This will help them to better understand about the points. Another way is to solve the previous year question papers as much as they can. Take the mock test seriously and make an evaluation themselves. Practice will make one perfect in any field they are in.

Prescribed Books for CBSE 10th English Language and Literature Exam

A few reference books for the English Language and Literature subject are mentioned below.

  • Literature Reader
  • Prose
  • Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
  • From the Diary of Anne Frank
  • Tea form Assam
  • The Sermon at Benares
  • The Hundred Dresses-I


  • A Tiger in the zoo
  • Dust of Snow
  • How to tell Wild Animals
  • Footprints without feet
  • The Book that saved the Earth

The other books on this subject are A Letter to God, A Baker from Goa, Fire and Ice, The Ball Poem, The Midnight Visitor, A Question of Trust and A Triumph of Surgery.



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