IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Elements of Satellite Communication Papers


The satellites are one of the most important assets of a country. Each year all the countries spend a major portion of their GDP to the research and development in the field of the elements of satellite communication. These satellites have indeed proved that many things that once seemed impossible are true. These go around in orbits around the earth and help us to receive vital information that is not otherwise possible. They have even made communication between the two halves of the earth quite possible thuds it remains needless to say that they indeed are very important.

Importance of the paper

In order to receive the weather reports about the different parts of the world we employ the use of the satellites. If we want to transmit some information from the other half of the globe or if we want to receive any information from the other half of the globe then we certainly need the help of the satellites. They also act in our defence and act as our spies so that any attack plan on our country can be foiled. The paper thus focuses on the various kinds of satellites that are used to serve different utilities.  It also has a considerable focus on how these satellites work and are different from one another.


The format is just like other exams under IETE. There will be some short questions like MCQs and some descriptive questions.

Paper Pattern and Markings

The pattern of the paper is also like other IETE exams. 9 questions are there with first one being mandatory which holds 10 MCQs of 20 marks in total. You have to answer another 80 marks questions and that you can do by attemting 5 questions from the left over 8 questions which are all of 16 marks.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions asked may be like

Explain the satellite location with respect to the earth.

Explain the eclipse effects on the satellite.

Explain thermal control of a satellite.

Explain telemetry, tracking and command subsystem of a satellite.

Time allotted: 3 hours

Recommended books

The most popular books used by the students are the “Becoming a satellite engineer by Barry Evans”

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