IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Electronics Papers


The term IETE is scripted as institute of electronics and telecommunication engineers, which offers diploma degree to the candidates going through this course. IETE DIPIETE-ET is a well recognized and prestigious exam of the country and electronics paper is a vital paper of this exam. Electronics has found its importance everywhere now days. In every device it has its implementation and taught us how to implement a large circuit on a small wafer (chip) which becomes portable as well as saves lots of space. The thing to mark is that this miniature circuit version is as powerful as the previous one.


Candidates who are appearing for IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Electronics Paper should have passed class 10 under any recognized board of the country which physics, chemistry and mathematics as their subjects and he/she should be above 14 years of age. Candidates opting for higher education with subjects such as mathematics, chemistry and physics can also sit for this examination.

Score Calculation:

There is no negative marking for wrong attempt or for unanswered questions in IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Electronics Paper. Marks are awarded in case of right answer choice only.


IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Electronics Paper is an offline mode test. Candidates are instructed to use blue and black ball point pen along with HB pencils only. Answer sheets are provided to the students by the teacher in the test room and instruction for answering is given over there.

Paper Format:

This paper holds a total of 9 to 10 question where question one an objective type compulsory question which is compulsory to answer. The rest questions are subjective ones.

Time allotted:

The time fixed for the completion of this paper is 3 hours.


The Art of Electronics [Hardcover]

Paul Horowitz (Author), Winfield Hill (Author)

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