IETE DIPIETE-ET (Old Scheme) Industrial Engineering Papers


The industrial engineering has become one of the most sought after branches of engineering in the recent years. The reason is the commercial success of the students who study the subject. Industries are the backbone of any economy. So it is quite popular and has vast job opportunities since the number of industries is increasing every day. And the fact that they are employing more and more people to meet the growing needs of the world is also an important factor. The subject follows the old pattern and provides knowledge about the several aspects of it in detail.

Importance of the paper

In order to be successful in the commercial sphere the candidates need to have a sound knowledge of the existing industries and the various processes adopted by them in order to manufacture the desired products economically at a large scale. Thus the main aim of the paper is to test the candidates taking the exam on the basis of their innovation in cost cutting of the various industrial processes. They should also be familiar with the existing materials used and the pros and cons of it to innovate new ways.

Paper pattern

Candidates who will take up this exam will get 9 questions, but only 1st question, which is Multiple choice one, is compulsory. Another 8 questions are there, which are long answer one, and answering only 5 questions will do.


In Industrial Engineering paper you will have to write 100 marks answers. Some questions are of 2 marks and some questions are of 16 marks.

Some questions from the question paper

The questions asked may be like

What is the role and function of an industrial engineer? Mention any four of them.

What are the main objectives of line balancing?

What are the various kinds of productivity measures?

What are the requirements of a good product design?

Name and explain the different kinds of inspections in brief.

Time allotted

3 hours time is what you get for answering.

Recommended books

The most popular books used by the students are the “Power Plant Equipment and Maintenance Guide by Phillip Kiameh” and “Proactive Purchasing in the Supply Chain: The Key to World Class Procurement by David Burt, Sheila Petcavage and Richard Pinkerton”.

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