IGNOU Advanced Diploma in Information Technology-Component Programming Papers


The paper on Component programming from Indira Gandhi National Open University is one of the papers encountered in the advanced diploma in information technology. The paper is coded as CST-201 and deals with topics like COM and Distributed COM, their components and the persistence and sharing and scalability. It is a theoretical paper and has three credits to it.

Paper pattern:

The paper on Component Programming is divided into two parts, section A and section B. Section A has all compulsory questions with a major question of this section being multiple choices questions, where one has to choose from the four given option, the correct answer. Section A also has writing of differences and true false questions; basically it is an objective type questions section. Section B has subjective questions with an option of choosing any three out of the four given questions .All the questions carry equal marks and weightage.

Maximum marks and maximum time:

The time allotted to complete this paper on Component Programming is 3 hours and the maximum marks obtainable being 75.The marks allotted for multiple choice questions are 1 mark and the section on optional questions has equal marks and weight age.

Frequently asked questions:

Topics that find a priority in the list of the syllabus in Component Programming are Security in COM, elaboration of concepts of windows Distributed internet applications, multi tier architecture and its advantages, concepts of work space, data persistence, button control, application development using COM technology and its advantages and disadvantages along with the applications. Other topics of importance are usage of switch case statements, data library location and related applications. Distributed COM and its various applications, its difference wile OLE and ActiveX and related theoretical concepts.

Books to be referred:

Programming .Net components by O.REILLY.

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